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What is the ISO certificate?

The word ISO is based on the Greek word isos which means "equal", thus the name reflects the aim of the organization to equalize and standardize across cultures.

The ISO certification was made as a fruitful consequence of the meeting of 25 different country delegations in London in 1946; where they all agreed and decided to start a new international organization with the goal of Equality and Sustainability of International Standards all over the world, that ensures sustainable success for the products and the producers, that facilitates trade as they created "a level playing field" for all competitors on those markets, to guard the consumer by giving equal products and services wherever he is, that contributes for common problems with the technological advances and technical base for a better management practices. The organization launched and spread all over the world at 23 February, 1947 In Geneva, Switzerland.

When you have your ISO certificate you are ready to submit it to US Legalization to be processed. US legalization maintains a database containing the signatures of officers of the most common certifying bodies. When we receive your documents we compare the signature of the officer and then continue to process them

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