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How can I obtain an ISO?

As the International Standard Organization (ISO) doesn't provide any certification itself:

It can be issued by the following registered members:
1. Member bodies
2. Correspondent members
3. Subscriber members

They must be entitled to do so from the International Standards Organization (ISO) at that link you can see the list of ISO members

After some business has taken all necessary steps and their quality management system is in accordance with ISO guidelines, they can apply for the certification.

Some representative from these registration bodies will visit the workplace or factory and observe the procedures. If satisfied, they will provide an ISO certification which is valid for three years.

There are some links that we highly recommend and may assist you and we have already legalized their memberís certifications and that can help you developing a powerful statement about your organizationís environmental credentials.

Which ISO do I need?

The ISO certification Standards puts you on the edge with the international standards units. The International Standard Organization ISO has developed over 17500 International Standards on a variety of subjects and some 1100 new ISO standards are published every year.

Here is a small brief about the most popular ISO certificates:

ISO 9001 Quality Standards:
ISO 9001 is the most popular certificate as it is pretty flexible and can be applied in a variety of styles and sizes for organizations as it focuses on the most common thing between organizations which is the standards of quality and customer focus.

Quality Management Standards are a way for improving your organization productivity and efficiency and helps the consistency of your product performance.

Quality Management Standards is a certification that put you on the cutting edge of the international standard.


ISO 14001 Environmental Standards:
Obtaining the ISO 14001 is not less important than your quality management standards certification as most of the international communities care about your environmental organization attitude as much as your products quality and your organization management system; and also the broad environmental awareness campaigns made the customers more concerned about your respect towards the environment. Obtaining the ISO 14001 will assure that you have established the best management for your energy use and also the proper way of disposing your wastes, besides the availability of your products for recycling.


OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Standards:
These standards were made for the sake of your employee’s health and safety, it minimizes the possibilities of accidents or incidents.
This standard elevates your internal work level and raises up the employees beliefs that they are a part of a big standardized organization and it gets reflected in their production level.


ISO 27001 Information Security standards:
Securing and Handling your data with confidentiality, integrity and availability is getting more and more complicated day by day, especially after the rapid growth of electronic data processing and the massive use of the world wide web. The ISO 27001 will promote your security level.

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